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Taking a sustainable approach to business

All over the world, offices are becoming greener. The main impact in the office can be made through our choice of products and our behaviour. Many things that happen in our office are out of our control, for example, how the office building is designed. We want to share our opinions on what a green office could look like and what we think are the best choices.

Most people have some awareness of what makes a greener office but here are some products which are not always on the ‘green’ list that can help you take a more sustainable approach:

  • Recycling bins
  • Battery bins
  • Recycling labels/signage
  • China mugs
  • Whiteboards
  • Smart meters
  • Low energy light bulbs

Making your office ‘greener’ can often be seen as an extra chore. So if you are responsible for an environmental programme in your office, think how to engage the staff you work with. For example award a small prize for the best idea to help reduce the environmental impact of your business. Make it fun too!

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